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Bamboo processing machine


About Project:

Innovator :

Lyagi Baht


Village : Mudang Tage

District : Lower Subansiri
State : Arunachal Pradesh


The innovator is an energetic motor vehicle mechanic who came up with his innovation for splitting and dressing bamboo to meet a local need. This machine helps to split bamboo lengthwise and also into small pieces. This machine has an additional feature to manoeuvre and shave them into finer strips as well. This machine can be a useful substitute of dao and other such tools used by people for splitting and dressing bamboo.

It is easy to operate, efficient and economical in nature as its output is almost three times as compared to manual labour

In hilly regions like Arunachal Pradesh, people use bamboo for construction purposes. Construction of bamboo sheets is a long process. It has to be done manually and requires a lot of strenuous hard work. At least 4 persons are required to construct one sheet. In the manual process 25 to 30 bamboo logs can be prepared in a single day. These are then used to make a bamboo sheets. These sheets are used to make roofs and walls of houses in these regions.


At certain places, the bamboo sheets are a border is also made. These days the houses are being made in the village. This kind of bamboo construction is seen not only in Arunachal Pradesh but the entire Northeast. Apart from this in several tribal regions throughout India such bamboo constructions can be seen. Special skills are required to construct this kind of bamboo house. Not everyone is able to construct such houses.


Lyagi Baht’s has innovated a machine which makes process of preparing a bamboo sheet easier and solves all the problems related to it. When the traditional method is used, its possible to construct only 25 to 30 sheets in one day. However by using this innovative machine one can construct 130-150 sheets in a single day.

Consumer Feedback

  1. A family at Pamluk said that this bamboo work is extremely time consuming. They expressed that if they get such a machine half of their work for constructing a house will be done. They further remarked that If a machine helped them make 150 such sheets, they will surely buy it.
  2. On talking to a worker, he said the price of Rs 50000 for this machine may not be affordable by him. However he suggested that the whole village can contribute and buy one machine for the whole village.
  3. Robu Buker said if this machine is available in the market, its demand is strong even today. People prefer to stay in bamboo houses. The bamboo here is single and this machine uses it effectively.



Manually process by which the knots are cut out by rotating it. Due to this process, the bamboo is shaved on all sides but does not get cut.

After cutting,  the bamboo is straightened and smoothened. This has to be done on both sides of the log so that it can be used for making walls. It is then cut with the use of cutter.


In the manual process the bamboo has to be rotated continuously so that it gets shredded from all sides but does not get cut.

After cutting the bamboo has to be straightened and leveled to make it smooth. It can be cut using the cutter. This has to be done on both sides for construction of walls. There is a blade in this roller which can be cleaned.

Here a HP motor has been used. The entire work is done using this motor. There is another system on the side which fits the bamboo as per requirement and cleans it.

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February 13, 2016

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