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About Project:

Team Members : Sahil Badyal

College Name : NIT Hamirpur

Details :In our proposal we are guarding the field using IR camera : Automatically alarms/buzzers and electric fireworks starts functioning on detection of animals Wireless moisture sensor stops over irrigation by turning off the water pumps Automatically lights are switched ON during night’s on detection of humans in fields Live feedback on detection of animals and moisture levels of field in android application

In context with alternative solutions :

  • No need of electric fences
  • Low power requirement
  • Real time security system
  • Farmers can utilise their time in doing some other work instead of guarding the fields

On its own

  • Can be used at any other place where remote security is required like Godowns, Banks &ATM’S ,
  • Can have live feedback from any corner of the world
  • Can give automatic & own commands
  • Has large scope of future development

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July 10, 2015

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