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Report on Natal Weaving training camp at Pentong


About Project:

Group profiling:


Trainer name :

  1. kunchok lepcha
  2. pitmu lepcha

Sikkim is a very prosperous state in terms of biodiversity, culture and traditional knowledge. In the development era traditional knowledge vanishes day by day. Now it is our responsibility to preserve traditional knowledge through opening knowledge bank in every village. SRISTI organization and NIF- India take good initiatives towards conserving and preserve traditional knowledge. Firstly SRISTI organization formed the SHG of unorganized women’s and helps to open saving bank account in regional bank. Then appoint the two teachers for providing the training to SHG groups. After appointing the teacher SRISTI organized the training camp at Pentong village in thedzongu region of Narth Sikkim. Organization adopted the policy of in situ conservation of traditional knowledge. The period of training was not fixed but long discussion with teacher and beneficiaries’ organization decided that three month is sufficient for training. Within duration of three months organization gave the training to 7 women, those who are unemployed in the village. Now the women are well trained and capable to start weaving the cloth from natal. During visit of Sikkim SHG members gave the demonstration of whole process of natal weaving.


S N Name Of Member Education Skill Age Religion Source of Income Income Other Activity Committees within SHG group
1 Nimlhamu Lepcha 12th nil 20 Buddhist Nil Nil Nil Nil
2 Zarmu Lepcha Nil Nil 44 Buddhist farming 3,000 Nil Nil
3 Dichi Lepcha 3th handicrafts 32 Buddhist ASHA worker 36000 Nil
4 Yessaldomabhutia 9th handicrafts 32 Buddhist farming mates
5 Pashangkit Lepcha 10th carpet making 40 Buddhist farming Nil Nil Nil
6 Panchamit Lepcha 5th carpet making 29 Buddhist farming Nil Nil
7 Pemkit Lepcha 4th nil 31 Buddhist farming Nil Nil


Purpose of training:

  1. Preservation of traditional knowledge
  2. Create the employment opportunity within village


Harvesting (November to December)



Preparing thread

Heating the thread with ash for whitish colour



Final product

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February 15, 2016

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